About Nonlabeled


So much of the time, one side simply doesn’t understand the perspectives and points that the other side is making. This happens on both the left and the right. Understanding that it is fully acceptable to agree to disagree, the purpose of Nonlabeled is to eliminate the miscommunication and misunderstanding. Strawman arguments get you nowhere. You are joining this forum with the intent of understanding your opponent’s views. Coming to an “agree to disagree” situation is the most optimal outcome.

Agreeing to disagree means both sides understand each other’s perspectives completely, but they simply have different opinions of the subject.

For instance, in the subject of the size of government, both sides can understand the premise and have different views. One side may believe that there should be a bigger government, the other may believe that there should be a smaller government. If they both understand the premise and have reasons for doing so, they have successfully agreed to disagree.


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